If you’re in the perfume, cosmetics or professional hairdressing industry or are thinking of starting your own business in the sector and are looking for a distributor, contact us and we’ll advise you on everything you need to know. We are distributors of cosmetics, perfume and professional hairdressing products with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, so don’t hesitate to email us with any questions you may have.

Thanks to 30 years’ experience in the sector, we have the expertise and confidence to help others with new processes. For this reason, we’re a trusted supplier to large companies throughout Spain and the rest of Europe. At Perfumeria Internacional our priority is our relationships with customers. Our work doesn’t end when the customer makes a purchase, rather we are committed to fostering long-term, close relationships, where necessary and in line with our customers’ needs.

For all these reasons and more, we’re your ideal distribution partner in the perfume, cosmetics and professional hairdressing sector.


The customer contacts us

We send our catalogue

The customer places their order

Order shipment

As a future customer, contact us with a brief summary of what you are looking for, so we can offer you guidance and support you during the purchasing process in the best possible way.

We will send you a catalogue with all products we currently have available, in addition to information about our payment terms and conditions and shipping logistics.

There are 3 ways to place an order and, as a customer, you can choose the method that best suits you. Place your order via telephone, e-mail or directly on our online platform.

Our orders are prepared and shipped within 24 hours. The estimated delivery time in Spain is 24-48 hours and 5-6 days for the rest of Europe.

If your order is for outside of the EU, send us an email and we will look into the estimated delivery times.


At  Perfumeria Internacional we work with the best brands on the market, guaranteeing our products are of the highest quality, whether in the professional hairdressing, cosmetics or perfume sector.

All our products are 100% original and we can confirm their authenticity. In this way, we guarantee that all our customers can sell to end consumers with no issues whatsoever.

We work with a broad range of customers, from small perfume shops and drugstores to large distributors in the market. So, whatever type of company you have, we’ll find the best way to work together and help you build your business to meet your goals.

Why us?

At Perfumeria Internacional we work with many brands and bring our customers all the latest trends. We also have a very diverse range of stock, so whether you’re looking for a product or checking the selection of product ranges we stock, contact us and we’ll send you a catalogue with our available products.

We can offer our customers more than 10,000 products, plus logistics services and 24-hour shipping. Delivery time is 24–48 hours for Spain and 5–6 days for the rest of Europe. For orders outside of Europe, please contact us and we will look into your request and inform you of the estimated shipping times.

At Perfumeria Internacional, our customers are our priority. For this reason, we provide each customer with a pre-purchase consultation and personalised services during the purchasing and post-purchase processes.



We want to be your partner and support you throughout the entire process.


Your goals are our goals, and we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to meet them.


Our professional career in the industry is based on more than 30 years’ experience.


What is a perfume retailer?

A retailer can be a perfume or cosmetics store that sells fragrances directly to the end consumer, whether in a physical shop or as an e-commerce business Retailers can purchase the products they wish to sell either from wholesale distributors or directly from manufacturers.

What is the difference between a wholesaler and a retailer?

Retailers focus exclusively on selling perfume to end consumers. These businesses are perfumeries or cosmetics stores. Fragrance wholesalers, on the other hand, are companies that sell cosmetics to other companies in the sector, which can choose to purchase products from other manufacturers or wholesalers.


What brands do we work with?

We work with most brands, but please get in touch and let us know which brand(s) you are specifically interested in, and we’ll send you our catalogue of available stock and list of products. Some of the most popular brands we work with are Montblanc, Rochas, Jesús del Pozo, Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Versace, Moschino, Sensai, and Bella Aurora, among many others.



Are you a retailer looking for a reliable wholesale distributor? Look no further!

For more information about our services and how we work, or if you’d like to place an order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to create a future together.