Dropshipping is a business model that allows retailers to sell products without needing to have them in stock. This means that, when a customer makes a purchase at a store, the store then buys the products from a third party which ships the order directly to the end customer. With this in mind, you don’t need to physically stock fragrances: we can take care that.

When you choose this service, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You won’t need to store physical stock or have a logistics system in place for storing and shipping the products you sell. Dropshipping is designed to streamline your sales and, as your suppliers of perfume, cosmetics and professional hairdressing products, this is also our goal.

Our coordinated sales service with direct delivery to end customers


  1. Your initial investment costs are reduced. You can set up an e-commerce business without needing to invest in stock.
  2. Orders are processed within 24 hours. Domestic shipments are made in 24–48 hours and in 3–5 days in Europe.
  3. This method can be applied to e-commerce businesses and conventional stores.
  4. There is no need to invest in logistics.
  5. As you don’t have to buy any stock in advance, you can choose from a wide range of products.

Create your online store without costly investments and we’ll supply all the stock.

Likewise, one of our main values is to offer our customers excellent service. We take care of each and every detail during  the various commercial processes and offer 24–48 hour delivery within Spain. What’s more, we boast a professional team with great experience and knowledge in the perfume and cosmetics market, both on a national and international scale. In this way, we guarantee continuous development and growth, adapted to the needs of today’s market.

1- A customer makes a purchase

A customer buys from your store and pays in advance.

2- You place the order

You place the order discounting the margin that belongs to you.

3- Shipping

We prepare the order and deal with the logistics, and your agency sends the order when it’s ready.

4- Delivery

The customer receives their order at their door in packaging with your logo and information, meaning our contribution is not visible to the customer.


At Perfumeria Internacional S. L., for more than 30 years, we’ve worked in the purchase, sale and distribution of high-end perfume, cosmetics and other products, on a national and international scale.

Our vocation to the sector has made us leaders in perfume dropshipping. We have facilities spanning 8,000 m2, of which 3,500 m2 are exclusively for dropshipping services. We work with sophisticated communication technology that allows us to update our stock and prices for our customers on a daily basis.

Our dropshipping service includes direct shipping to the end customer, meaning our clients can save on time and effort, and invest all their resources and effort in selling.

In this way, we offer our customers an extensive catalogue featuring a wide variety of products from the best brands, making us one of the most competitive suppliers in the market.


At Perfumeria Internacional we work with brands of a range of styles, bringing our customers all the latest trends. Additionally, we have a very wide range of stock, so whatever product you are looking for, we’re sure to have it. Contact us and we’ll be happy to send you our catalogue of available products, adapted completely to your needs.

We stock over 10,000 products, in addition to having a logistics capacity for 24-hour shipping. Delivery times are 24–48 hours within Spain and 5–6 days for the rest of Europe. If your order is for outside of Europe, write to us and we’ll look into your request.

At Perfumeria Internacional we truly believe our customers are our number one priority. With this in mind, we offer personalised consulting and services during the entire purchasing and post-sales processes of our products.



Dropshipping is a business model that takes away the need of retailers to carry physical stock. The instant a customer places an order with them, they then place it with a third party. The latter ship the order directly to the end customer, as though it were the retailer with which the customer made the purchase.

This method allows retailers to offer a much wider variety of products than if they had a warehouse with their own stock.  In addition, it means that retailers can save on all the fixed expenses and initial investment costs involved in a stock warehouse, as well as logistics costs for shipping and distribution.

Returns due to poor product conditions are generally handled by the dropshipper, with prior confirmation from the seller to justify the return.

The final customer places the order on your website and pays for their purchase. Then, you – as the retailer – transfer the order to the supplier and we take care of shipping the product to the end consumer. When, as a retailer, you pay suppliers, you are paying exclusively for the product. You must therefore deduct your margin, which is paid by the end customer.

Polígono Industrial Torrefarrera C/ Tramuntana esquina C/mestral Torrefarrera – 25123 – (Spain)


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Polígono Industrial Torrefarrera C/ Tramuntana esquina C/mestral Torrefarrera – 25123 – (Spain)


(0034) 973 750 710