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Perfumes since 1989

PERFUMERIA INTERNACIONAL S.L. was founded in April, 1989 in Lleida (Spain) as a modest neighbourhood store that soon grew to become the company it is today, specialised in the distribution and wholesale of high-end fragrances and cosmetics, boasting a wide range of products by the best brands in Spain and around the world.

From day one, the company’s mission has been — and always will be — to bring balance to the fragrance market. In this way, its aim is to support anyone who has a point of sale or wishes to create one to sell these products and fill market gaps. A functional, efficient service market is necessary for the continual improvement of any business, above all in small and medium-sized industries. We aim to work and collaborate closely with our partners in developing and evaluating the perfume and cosmetics market.

Lastly, thanks to our collaboration with a range of stakeholders, we have been able to build considerable sales network, which covers a large part of the Spanish territory and has expanded to Europe and third-party countries with demonstrable business figures.


To this end, our human capital boasts extensive experience in the above fields, as well as in business development. Additionally, we also foster a spirit of synergy with other companies in the sector.

The quality, efficiency and expertise behind everything we do has ensured the success and credibility of Perfumeria Internacional in the sector, thanks to years of effort and determination. Today you’ll find us in countries including France, Italy, England, The Netherlands, Portugal, Andorra, Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Greece, Singapore, Mexico, and the USA, among others.


At Perfumeria Internacional we work with experienced external companies that meet the established requirements and standards to provide our customers with guidance about their service needs.

Perfumeria Internacional offers a convenient delivery service straight to the point of sale in a maximum period of 24 hours (throughout Spain). We offer full money-back guarantee if any products are damaged during transport or if a wrong order is received.

The result is nothing other than a young and dynamic company, with invaluable experience and a firm commitment to providing a quality service. It’s our aim to provide added value to the product we sell. With this in mind, we wanted to be pioneers and offer an unbeatable service with next-day delivery throughout Spain, together with a policy that supports very competitive prices.

What’s more, our facilities are completely adapted to the types of products we stock, and we take into account the temperature, packaging and the location of each item.




We are a company dedicated to the import and export of high-end fragrances and cosmetics.

Our products

We stock a wide range of perfumes by the best brands on the market.


We distribute our products to retailers and wholesalers.


We only supply products to businesses and cannot meet the needs of private clients.


Our facilities are completely adapted to the types of products we stock, and we take into account the temperature, packaging and the location of each item.

Our vision

“Perfumeria Internacional was founded at the beginning of 1989 with a clear purpose: to find and implement solutions with a focus on the distribution of fragrances and cosmetics”.



We want to be your partner and support you throughout the entire process.


Your goals are our goals, and we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to meet them.


Our professional career in the industry is based on more than 30 years’ experience.



If you’re an e-commerce business looking for dropshipping services or a wholesaler/retailer in need of a reliable wholesale distributor, look no further… You’ve found us!

For more information about our services and how we work, or if you’d like to place an order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to create a future together.